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Here is all the information you are going to need to learn about 
Lovin' My Leash. We offer dog walking and in your home pet sitting services in Canton, Stoughton and Sharon.

Take a look around and please contact us with any questions.  
Dogs regularly need at least one 20 / 30-minute walk / playtime daily to keep them physically and mentally fit.   Small dogs need exercise just as much as their larger counterparts. 
If you have busy days, you can maintain your dog's health with the support of a dog walker;  Your trust is of just one of our top concerns.  
Good paced walks create something for a dog to focus on; Boost Confidence + Decrease Anxiety + Increase Socialization 
+ Strengthen Doggy Manners + Promote Happiness -- 
just to name a few benefits.
Liebe - Lovin' Her Leash
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My name is Darci and here's a little background of how 
Lovin' My Leash began in 2010. 
A friend of mine and I had been talking about what my next career move should be. I had worked in a couple different animal hospitals as a veterinarian technician and as a kennel manager in the past and knew it was where I belonged. When I switched to working in an office, I realized I missed working with animals immensely.
My friend and I talked again and we both knew it was time for me to start being 
where I belong again, 
which is with dogs and cats.
Lovin’ my Leash was created thereafter because dogs and I share similar interests. We love to be outside, walk daily, bond, socialize 
and of course playing. 

My newest addition, Kane a 3-year young, 
112 lb. Cane Corso.

Biggest mush even compared to some of my 

Yet another pup for me to love.

Kane and myself  (photo taken by his dad), summer of 2014.
 . . . some basic options for your pup.


  • It is the best to get your pet to exercise while having fun. Your pet will receive a 20 / 25 minute walk with mental and physical stimulation.


  • This walk gives your pet more time to have fun and get exercise  They will receive a 25 / 30 minute walk with mental and physical stimulation.


  • This walk is best for very active dogs or dogs that cannot get out often. They will receive a   30 / 35 minute walk with mental and physical stimulation and of course fun.If you do not find the exact services above, please still contact us.  

*** Our services are meant to be tailored to your pets needs -- please do not hesitate to share your requests and we will get your loved one on 
their individualized schedule as no two dogs are the same. ***
Daily Exercise 
Added pounds can rob pets of years of their precious lives. To keep your pet(s) fit, engage in some activity together each day.
Take it slowly if your pet(s) is / are not used to regular exercise.

Twenty minutes is a good goal, but some pets need time to work up to that. Nothing will please your pet(s) more than playing or taking a walk. You and your pet(s) will have fun and feel less stress.     

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